About the Project

One day, while surfing the net, I happened upon a cool RC-toy...
Of course, I couldn't control it, so there was only one thing to do...
Modify the Heck out of it!

Parts arrived!

HappeningPosted by Trygve Tuesday, January 16 2007 20:27:40

Got the gyro/accelerometer today.As I already have a few Propeller chips(SIP40 modules, but OK for testing), all I need now is a few resistors and capacitors.
They are on order from a local supplier as Sparkfun doesn't seem to sell 0805-size SMT components.(They're a pain to solder but it's necessary to shorten signal paths. The recommendation is 0603-size components, but as I'm not that much of an masochist...)

Until they arrive, I'll just occupy my time doodling PCBs...

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