About the Project

One day, while surfing the net, I happened upon a cool RC-toy...
Of course, I couldn't control it, so there was only one thing to do...
Modify the Heck out of it!

Oh bugger!

HappeningPosted by Trygve Friday, January 19 2007 00:26:57
Got a few components in today.

That was the good news...
The not so good news is that the distributor screwed up and sent me 0603-size SMT 100KOhm resistors, when I had ordered 0805-size.

The difference? 0805 is a pain to work with, and the 0603 is even smaller...

I'll still try to use them, though(so that I can test the ADC setup, and get some data out of the Gyro and stuff), but I'll also order a new set. Besides, I still need to order a few other components, like MOSFETs, Xtals, possibly a couple of EEPROMs, and I really should try to find a 3.3V compatible digital compass circuit.
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