About the Project

One day, while surfing the net, I happened upon a cool RC-toy...
Of course, I couldn't control it, so there was only one thing to do...
Modify the Heck out of it!

Found it!

HappeningPosted by Trygve Thursday, July 19 2007 18:25:35
Earlier this year I mislaid the '5 degrees of Freedom' accel/gyro unit(not that difficult as it's literally stampsized) but during cleaning yesterday, I came across a brown envelope... I've also aquired a set of 5 Parallax Propeller Protoyping boards, which should help speed development along as I won't have to make PCBs or trust the connections on a experimenter board.

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Posted by Josh Monday, September 10 2007 03:54:25

havent heard anything in awhile, how're things progressing?

Posted by Trygve Friday, September 07 2007 13:10:48

I intend to smash the original board with the biggest hammer I can find.

And if I played Golf, guess what would happen to the gyro...

The X-UFO will not be 'just stationkeeping' when finished, but be able to fly preset courses, at least.

Posted by fossmarkluni Tuesday, September 04 2007 00:55:15

Exciting project, but I guess there will be some tinkering to properly interface this with the X-UFO "chinaboard".

Or are you planning to just use the X-ufo frame/motors and build everything else from scratch? Either way I think you should retain the possibility to control it remotley, what's the fun if the UFO is just stationkeeping? :)

Good luck with your project!


fossmarkluni (Norwegian X-ufo ethusiast)